Let the Beets begin


I was excited to sign up for a Phat Beets CSA share–years ago, just before I moved out of my first East Bay apartment in South Berkeley I got a flyer for Phat Beets produce delivery, helping to serve underserved populations fresh healthy vegetables and provide youth employment making healthy food. I loved their mission, and stopped by their old Saturday market a few times, but the housing search took me to a few places out of the reach of their produce.

They seem to be expanding their CSA operation, providing produce from Avalos Farms (a favorite of mine from when I lived by the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ market) and Vang Family farms and deliver to the adorable and delicious Pietisserie near my new place.

I’m excited to jump in to my first week’s (half) share, and to post about how I use each share, as I’ve seen so many people have a hard time with it, and food waste makes me sad!

A rough plan:

chayote leaves– use immediately, stir-fry with ?
tomatoes, corn, and lettuce– salad ingredients for the week
turnips– roast next time you use the oven for anything (otherwise they’ll be like those poor parsnips that sat for months in my produce drawer)
jalapeƱos, tomatillos, and onions– the suggested salsa verde, or a cooked dish with chile verde
broccoli– maybe a healthy grain bowl with tofu, nuts, whole oats (I am on a strict fitness plan this month), but probably one of my all time favorites, beef with broccoli.
Korean melon– give to someone who likes melons/cucumbers? pickle?